Judy Frankel Eulogies / Remembrances

Many of the eulogies below were copied from the postings on Judy's New York Times Guestbook.
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Notice by Barbara Litt, Dulce Moche, and Anne Treseder that initiated the New York Times Guestbook

To our beloved friend with the beautiful voice. We will miss you every day. Durme, durme, hermoza donzella. May your memory be for a blessing.

Relatives and Old Friends

Nada Mach (Los Angeles, CA)
        I will miss her always!

Joyce Blumenthal (Winthrop, MA)
        It was my honor to be her cousin (on the Bradbury side) and her friend.

Joan Mathers Burgomaster (Burlington, MA)
        Judy and I met at age 13 in the Belmont, MA, school system. We clicked and stayed in touch for 52 years! While I did not share her musical and artisitic talents, we had many other areas of mutual interest and passion. Her passing on leaves a huge hole in my life and my heart. I will treasure her memory and carry it in my heart forever.

Norman Gan (Sherman Oaks, CA)
        It is unbelievably sad and painful to have to say goodbye to such a wonderful and talented soul like Judy (Bradbury) Frankel. Judy and I were friends going all the way back to Belmont Junior High School in Belmont, MA, although we really became part of each other’s lives in the mid 60s, when we discovered we both loved and had been performing folk music separately; and decided to sing together professionally, under the very creative name of Norm & Judy.
        We became part of the folk scene in 1965, around Boston, Harvard Square, Beacon Hill, and Cambridge’s exploding folk music community, and enjoyed our success and the music tremendously, playing regularly at such clubs as Club 47 and The Loft, and eventually expanding by adding two wonderful musicians...Ken Frankel, who played everything (guitar, banjo, mandolin) incredibly well, and another fellow MIT student with me and Ken, Carey Mann...a talented bassist.
        As everybody knows, Judy and Ken eventually married, and when they moved to California, Norm & Judy ended, leaving wonderful, life-long, happy memories.
        A stunning loss, I know we'll all miss her forever.

Steve Bradbury (Marina Del Rey, CA)
        Judy was my first cousin (her dad and my dad were brothers). We re-connected and became very close the last several years. Judy provided a compassionate and loving yet sober voice as I dealt with the loss of my dad. She was a great listener and always seemed to find the sunshine poking through the clouds. We had the great fortune to visit together several times the last couple of years including last May when she met my fiancee and we ate at Judy's cafe on Chestnut Street near her home. Looking back, this was such a special treat for all three of us. I miss her a great deal and will always cherish the connection we had.

Ken Frankel
        I first heard Judy sing when Norm Gan played a tape of Norm & Judy at a party in Boston in 1965. I was so taken by her voice that I immediately suggested to him that I would like to be their accompanist. I played music with Judy in various musical groups from 1965 through 1980. I was also married to her from 1969 through 1981. Judy not only had a natural beautiful voice, but she was also extremely musical, talented, and creative. These features came through in all the music she did over the years. She also applied these abilities to everything in her life. She had a wonderful, warm, sensitive and funny personality. Even though our marriage didn't last, I never stopped loving her, and appreciating her. The world is a much poorer place without Judy in it.

Isadora Alman (Alameda, CA)
        I cherish memories of your beautiful spirit. Fair thee well, dear friend.

Maurice (Mickey) Moskovitz (Ellijay, GA)
        Although I am Judy's cousin I had only met her on a few occasions. Reading all these thoughts and stories about her makes me feel like I have a connection I did not have before. Thanks for your insightful and intimate details of my wonderful cousin.

Andrys Basten (El Cerrito, CA)
        Judy, we were sort of thrown together to sing (or some would say, screech) Beethoven and first talked when you hummed, in rehearsal, a rock tune few knew, but I did, and that began a 35 year friendship based on song and enriched by your warmth, your intense interest in others, your unique talent and searching intelligence, and your kindness.   I will always remember you, keeping in mind a favorite poem, probably by Mary Frye and written for a friend:
        Do not stand at my grave and weep     I am not there; I do not sleep.
        I am a thousand winds that blow,     I am the diamond glints on snow,
        I am the sunlight on ripened grain,     I am the Gentle autumn rain.
        When you awaken in the mornings hush,     I am the swift uplifting rush
        of quiet birds in circled flight.     I am the soft stars that shine at night.
        Do not stand at my grave and cry,     I am not there, I did not die.

Sephardic Music Friends

Bonnie Burt (Piedmont, CA)
        I will miss you, dear Judy, your beautiful voice, your beautiful spirit. Adio, Querida.

Dolores (Dolly) Sloan (Santa Monica, CA)
        The Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies has named the concert by a musical performer that takes place at our annual conferences after Judy. So the first annual Judy Frankel Memorial Concert will take place on August 3 at our annual conference in Phoenix. Judy performed many times at our conferences through the years and we will miss her warm and talented presence among us.
        The Spring 2009 issue of our publication, HaLapid, carried a tribute to Judy. You can read it on our website after May 18: www.cryptojews.com

Rachelle Shubert (Montreal, QC)
        It was such a joy to meet Judy, to harmonize and perform with her a few years ago when she came to our Temple. This encounter opened up the whole world of Sephardic music to me and since that time I have enjoyed learning and performing this haunting repertoire whenever I can in Temple services and concerts. It took Judy to remind me that it is part of my own heritage as a Sephardic Jew. I'm so glad I had a chance to meet and work with this special and talented person.

Jennie Tarabulus (Seattle, WA)
        Thank you so much for putting my poem "O mes hermanos" to music. Your voice and your music gave the words deep meaning your soul truly felt. My new friendship with you introduced me to all the songs you sang. The sephardic songs are unexcelled. Your generous, reaching out to all composers and musicians have made all grateful and happy they knew you. A perfect artist in voice and expression. Your place in so many hearts keep you alive. Con Amor, Jennie Tarabulus.

Yanina Nemirovskaya (San Francisco, CA)
        I had the great privilege to know Judy and see her perform. She was a wonderful artist and person. I will always remember her and her beautiful voice.

Rufina Bernardetti Mausenbaum (Johannesburg -SA)
        Judy - Your music fills our home with your beautiful voice and you remain forever in our hearts. We will continue to remember you as a gentle loving soul.

Brenda Burnett-McKown
        Judy, I will never forget our "Prayer 39" ad...we got a lot of miles...and also some good times out of that one. I will always remember the laughter and fun times on our trips. Your voice was like an Angel. Your generous heart and soul will be missed by all.

Arthur Benveniste (Venice, CA)
        I thank Judy for keeping a Heritage alive. She helped preserve the music of the people that I grew up with. I will forever be in debt to her for this.

joao Crisostomo (New York, NY)
        Judy, what can I tell you but that we miss you? Your music, your songs, your smile, your soul, and your life were a blessing to so many. You were there, with your beautiful voice, remembering the great Holocaust Saviour Aristides de Sousa Mendes, when, after long neglect, he was first remembered and recognized in his native Portugal. And you were there when the neglected and forgotten were victims of persecution and genocide. The people of East Timor, among others, owe you a debt of gratitude for your solidarity when their fate was a 'lost cause' to the world.
        And you were there singing and reviving the Sephardic music and language that time, space, and persecution had threatened to erase.
        So it turned out that Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Sarajevo, the United States and so many other places embraced inside your heart, and became beautiful songs, in a world of suffering and hope.
        We remember and miss you.

Rochelle Hasson (Los Angeles, CA)
        Thank you for keeping alive the words and music of my mother and her sisters and cousins with your interviews and performances of authenticity and beauty.

Rena Down (New York, NY)
        Your music sustained you and gave pleasure to all who heard your exquisite voice. You gave generously to other artists and leave a legacy of joy to all lovers of Ladino music. I'll miss you - your voice, your laughter, your spirit.

Gail Kossowsky (Mill Valley, CA)
        You will always be in my heart. How fortunate I am to be able to listen to your songs with that beautiful voice. They will bring a smile to my face as I think of you.

Jan Thornburg (Sacramento, CA)
        The lady with the golden voice. You inspired my study of music and I'll never forget you.

Raachel Bortnick (Dallas, TX)
        You will always be in my heart, Judy, and your voice will always fill my life with joy.

Isabelle Sandoval (Santa Fe, NM)
        Tres hermanicas eran
        Tres hermanicas son

Kate Regan (Portland, OR)
        Thank you for the many insights and words of wisdom you shared. Your life, your music and your spirit continue to inspire me! Thank you! I will listen to the music!

Craig Taubman (Cantor, Friday Night Live services, Sinai Temple, Los Angeles)
        Please know that Judy and her songs touched me in a very special way. Although we did not know each other well I very much felt her spirit. I know that her memory and melody will continue to be a sweet inspiration for me and many others. God Bless her.

Jeffrey Sokolow (Atlanta, GA)
        We were shocked to learn of Judy's passing. I had the honor to present Judy many times in concerts in the San Francisco Jewish community and always loved her music and devotion to preserving this music and honoring the tradition bearers. We heard her perform in Atlanta only a few years ago and realized that her artistry had reached the peak of perfection. She was such a lovely soul; we mourn and will miss her. The singer has passed but the songs live on. May her memory be for a blessing always.

Caitlin St. John (Colton, CA)
        Judy was a lovely bright star in the firmament of music. I'll miss her.

Julian F. Randolph (Albany, CA)
        We will miss your lovely voice, used to express a lovely tradition. Your recordings are a lasting tribute to you, poetry, and the Sephardic people.

Other Friends

Carey Mann (bassist and vocalist, Ill Wind, and bass accompanist for Norm and Judy)
        Although I hadn't been in touch with Judy for many years, I was very fortunate to make some music with her when she and I and a few others played in music bands together in the 1960's. She was an exceptional musician, and her marvelous, beautiful voice was a joy to hear and a pleasure to accompany. Unlike plenty of the other ambitious, young, would-be musicians in our surroundings, she was always positive and level-headed and perfectly easy to work with. I wish for her family all the best.

David Kinsman (drummer, Ill Wind)
        When I joined the band, I was the youngest member and I remember Judy was such a nice person and made me feel welcome. She had a beautiful voice and our group made great sounding music with her. Although I never heard her sing in recent years, it seems her music will be missed by a great many people.

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