Judy Frankel's Other Music

Before she became a Sephardic Music star, Judy sang folk, classical, rock, and anything else that struck her fancy.
The music below is in chronological order. All are in mp3 format. Click on any song to listen to it.

Norm and Judy, 1964-1966

Norm Gan and Judy played coffee houses in the Boston area as a duo in 1964, and with Ken Frankel as accompanist in 1965, and then in 1966 with Carey Mann also accompanying on bass. The most successful performances were at The Loft, where they played to overflow crowds every Friday night for several months.

The songs below feature Judy, with Norm playing guitar and singing.

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Recorded by Dr. Bill Wolk in 1966, in his apartment recording studio,
with Ken Frankel on guitar, and Carey Mann on Bass:
Every Night When the Sun Goes Down         It Ain't Me Babe

Recorded during a rehearsal in 1965, with Ken accompaning on guitar:
Don't Think Twice It's Alright         There But For Fortune

Recorded during an early rehearsal, Judy and Norm only:
Deliah's Gone         Sun's Gonna Shine

Recorded in Ken Frankel's Studio, 1972-1979

Ken built a recording studio in 1972 to record Judy and Ken. During the years they were married and living together, Ken recorded several songs featuring Judy's singing, with Ken playing all the instruments. This was a fairly primitive studio by today's standards, and the tapes used to transfer to digital are copies of copies and 40 years old, so the quality isn't very good, but it is an example of different styles Judy could sing.

Can't Find My Way Home   (Written by Steve Winwood, from the Blind Faith album)
Sometimes   (Ken and Judy's reworking of an old blues song)
Mountains of the Moon   (Grateful Dead song)
Golden Slumbers   (Ken and Judy's tune to a poem by Thomas Dekker, a different tune than the Beatles' tune)

Musical Comedy Songs with Dick Bagwell, About 1985

These two recordings are from a demo for an original play with music written by Dick Bagwell, The Secret Life of Horatio Puddingforth, Esq. Unfortunately, he was never able to get it produced. The male voice is John Reed.

The Nymphs and Satyrs Gamboled on the Green         An Englishman's Home is his Castle

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